DI Louvers

In today's design-driven world, louvers enable architects to accomplish what they've always wanted to do: violate traditional airflow design rules in order to achieve their true vision—all without sacrificing performance. They are, however, more than just architectural components. Aluminium louvers are well-known for their low cost, ease of maintenance, ability to improve visual comfort, promote air circulation, reduce noise, and protect privacy.

DI Façade systems has solutions that fit all criteria, from becoming stand-out design components to easily dissolving into a building's façade. Whether you need curved and cylindrical ventilation, inside grilles, or to create an architectural façade that plays with light and shadow, you'll find it here. Among our numerous customized solutions, we also manufacture and install:

  • Airwing or aerofoil louvers
  • Rectangular louvers
  • Sunshades
  • Curved louvers
  • Form locked aluminium facade louvers



DI-1 Louvers Materials


DI-2 Louvers Materials


DI-3 Louvers Materials